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You Didn't Know?! Wechat For B2B

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Wechat for B2B

WECHAT IS OUR LIFESTYLE As of December 2016, there were 889 million monthly active users of Weixin and WeChat combined. According to the CAICT, the proportion of highly engaged WeChat users increased considerably in 2016 as compared with 2015. In particular, the number of users who spend 4 hours on WeChat per day has doubled.


MOST USRS’ NEW CONTACTS ARE WORK-RELATED Relationship ties on WeChat extend from strong ties among families and friends to weaker ties built among career networks. 57.22% of respondents say their recent new WeChat contacts are mostly work- related. For those who assume management roles at work, as high as 74.3% of respondents say their new contacts are mostly colleagues or people within their professional circle.

80% OF USERS COMPLETE OFFICE WORK ON WECHAT 80% of users have completed office work on WeChat, such as work related communications, co-ordination and notifications. Users from Chinese first–tier cities are more used to working on WeChat. 57.5% of respondents from first- tier cities use WeChat for daily work coordination, 10% higher than users of fourth and fifth-tier cities.

9/10 OF INDIVIDUAL PROPRIETORS USE WECHAT FOR WORK For small business owners, WeChat plays an essential part in their daily business operations. Approximately 90% have used WeChat for work. In addition with WeChat continuing to simplify its payment feature, making transactions through WeChat has become pivotal for individual proprietors in doing business. 70.8% of them report making transactions through WeChat.

USRS’ ARE ON AVERAGE WORKING 2 HOURS MORE WITH WECHAT According to a survey conducted by Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, employees are working on average 2 extra hours, thanks to Wechat. With the help of Wechat, assigning tasks and sending files has become more convenient, and they are done more frequently outside of office hours.

CORPORATE COMMUNICATION: WECHAT RANKS TOP WHILE EMAIL SEES LARGE REGIONAL DIFFERENCES In general, WeChat has become a major work communication tool for approximately 90% of users. Tools that can ensure instant communication like WeChat or phone calls exhibit greater popularity among users.

WECHAT OFFICIAL ACCOUNT There will be a total estimated 14.1 million official account by the end of 2017. The forecasted growth rate is 17.3%, down from 46.2% last year.

KEEPING FOLLOWER ENGAGED VIA CONTENT IS TOUGHER Official account average view rate fell from 12% in early 2016 to some 5% in 2017. Also getting followers to engage with the account via content is getting tougher. This is particularly true for B2B.

Wechat Opportunities for Business 1. 2. 3. 4.

Wechat Opportunities for Business Information overload will move users to demand more for precise and direct distribution. Under these circumstances, customized marketing based on algorithms, and directional content distribution management will be more meaningful and valuable.

Social CRM Social CRM consists of a registration form for data capturing and user registration, and a backend system to store all the form data, including registration form data and Wechat user profile image, nick name and open ID etc. The account administrator can then use this to group fans and achieving Wechat fans segmentation

Wechat Backend Follower Profile and Social CRM User Profile Comparison

Wechat Opportunities for Business WeChat is now building a convergent work and business platform based on point-to-point communication, group communication, social circles, content & service platforms. Along with the high penetration of WeChat’s social network, it’ll be a standard tool for all agile organizations.

GPS Shipping Tracking A shipping company use Wechat to offer GPS shipping tracking. They used data from third party GPS data of their ships, and their Wechat followers can track whereabouts of their containers in the world map.

Wechat Opportunities for Business According to the results of our surveys, Mini Programs, QR Code Implementation and WeChat’s Cards & Offers feature each have earned acknowledgement and adoption from users.

Nearby Wechat Mini Program Put your service on the Wechat “map” so users nearby can easily find your service.

Wechat Opportunities for Business For the vast WeChat content ecosystem, the payment solutions and paying system have matured. This will accelerate the development of content businesses built upon WeChat and deliver more positive feedback to high quality content and service providers.

Paid SubscriptionExamples

Paid SubscriptionExamples

The Next Big Thing Wechat for B2B

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