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Dollars and Cents

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ABC Bobby

Written by Katherine P. Burdick. 。。。查看全部
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Dollars and Cents LEVELED BOOK • D A Reading A–Z Level D Leveled Book Word Count: 83 Dollars and Cents Written by Katherine P. Burdick Visit for thousands of books and materials.

Photo Credits: Front cover (main), page 8: Courtesy of the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing; front cover (inset), pages 3 (throughout), 4, 5, 6, 7: United States coin image from the United States Mint; back cover: © JGI/Blend Images/Photolibrary; title page, Dollars page 10: Craig Frederick/© Learning A–Z; page 9: © Robert Glenn/DK Stock/ Photolibrary and Cents Dollars and Cents Level D Leveled Book Correlation © Learning A–Z LEVEL D Written by Katherine P. Burdick Written by Katherine P. Burdick Fountas & Pinnell D All rights reserved. Reading Recovery 5–6 DRA 6

What can you think about that has one in it? This color of a penny is very special. The color is called bronze. Can you say it? What do you think the beginning sound of bronze begins with? And what's the ending sound of bronze?

Here's a nickel? What can you think of that has 5 in it? So there's a pencil and five computers on the table?

Here we have 10. What can you think of that has 10? This is a new color. The color of the dime is called Silver. What does silver begins with? What does silver end with?

This is a quarter. Do you know what a quarter begins with?

Did you know a half dollar is dry big? It's as big as the picture. It's as big as your thumb.

Do you know what's the dollar made of? Is the dollar heavy or light?

What color is the boys shirt? Do you have anything orange on you or at home?

Do you rink teacher Bobby can carry 100 pennies? Can you carry 100 pennies?



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